Self-Development Photography 

Personal Development and Transformation through the use of Photography

Sometimes we need to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of another to remember who we are.

I believe positive 'Global Transformation' is possible through 'Personal Transformation'.

If each one of us is able to learn how to love and accept who we are, we will in turn be able to love and accept those around us, welcoming diversity with open arms and seeing the innate beauty within each and every one of us.

Through the power of photography we can gain insight into our relationship with ourselves and in turn with others. 

Through the power of Self-Development Photography we can redefine our hopes and aspirations and create congruence, love and acceptance, within our lives. 

Self-Development Photography is a powerful tool for positive change during times of transformation and personal development helping those:
  • Coming to terms with the ageing process
  • Dealing with a Crisis of Self-Confidence
  • Managing Weight Issues (loosing or gaining weight)
  • Becoming a parent, documenting Pregnancy 
  • Dealing with major Identity Developments such as 'Gender Transitioning' or  'Coming Out' 

How we work together

The service I provide captures you in the truth of who you are, non-judgementally. 

Once we have established what area of life you are focusing on, we can create a schedule, we might be documenting a one off event, or perhaps we will be embarking on long term transformation such as weight loss or gender transitioning. 

Key to this service is building a trusting working relationship, a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space. We do this by making sure we take time prior to shooting to discuss your hopes, fears and expectations.

We will also discuss the work we have created together, to talk through the process and discuss your feelings towards the images we create. This is an important part of the service and helps to support you in your ongoing Self-Development

Arranging a session  

Before we arrange a photography session we will discuss your particular needs. Please email a brief introduction outlining what area of your life you would like to focus on.

Please do not let finances prevent us from working together, I will always accommodate those on a lower income. 

Love and Blessings

Vicki Churchill 

Fill out the contact form below or call me directly on the number below:


"What an amazing representation of me!!  I find looking at that collection as a whole has brought out amazing reactions in me! I think I could say that seeing me through your lens is quite transforming. I have a sense of vitality, contentment and joy from this collection. I ask "Is this how others see me?", if so it is quite wonderful to think that I can manifest these feelings and put them out there. This sounds really odd but I like myself as you see me. I am content to be me. What a gift to be able to help people to do this when life so often does the opposite! Thanks so much. You have a wonderful gift."  

Rayleen Finn  June 2018

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Being observed by another and feeling that we have been truly seen, is an incredibly powerful and life affirming experience.

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