Self-Development Photography 

∞ A Day in Your Life ∞

Personal Development and Transformation through the use of Photography

Photography is a powerful tool, it offers us the chance to record life as it unfolds.

Today more than at any other time in history, each one of us has the capacity to record any moment of our day. What we choose to record and what we choose to edit out of our daily lives are important questions that we often fail to ask ourselves.

For many years I have used photography as a tool for personal-development.

I have an archive that documents most of my life, self-portraits, snaps and portraits that capture those who share my life journey.

I use this archive as a useful guide, it reminds me of who I have been and it helps me understand where I am going.

I believe that everyone can gain insight about themselves, their hopes, dreams and aspirations through the use of Photography.

Being observed by another and feeling that we have been truly seen, is an incredibly powerful and life affirming experience.

It is my core belief that with a greater acceptance of who we are, we will develop the ability to truly love ourselves. Once we can love and accept ourselves we will be able to extend that love and acceptance to others.

This belief has inspired me to offer my services as a documentary portrait photographer, or more importantly a Self-Development Photographer.

This form of portraiture is not about seeking to be presented in a falsely positive or negative light, but being observed and captured non-judgementally.

The service I provide captures you in the truth of who you are, in that very moment.

Who is Self-Development Photography for?

This form of portraiture is used for individuals, couples, groups of friends and has also been used for longer term projects and trips such as documenting artists on tour.

It is particularly useful during times of change and identity development such as coming to terms with ageing, dealing with a crisis of confidence, becoming a parent, loosing a loved one or going through physical changes such as gender transformation or coming out to your community as who you know you really are.

Self Development Photography is particularly useful for:

  • Self-Nurturing, a gift to celebrate significant milestones.
  • Confidence boosting, to remind yourself of your innate beauty.
  • For love, a new dating profile or a gift for your beloved.
  • Relationship reinvigoration, learn to see each other again.
  • Identity development, document transitional times in your life.
  • Anyone with a desire to explore their own potential.

How we work together

Key to this portrait service is the building of a trusting relationship, a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space.

I do this by making sure we take the time prior to shooting to discuss your hopes and expectations, either via Skype or face to face. We will also discuss the work we have created together, again either via Skype or face to face, to talk through the process, select a final edit and discuss your feelings towards the images we have created. This is an important part of the service and helps to support you in your ongoing self-development.

Arranging a session 

If you feel that my service might be of benefit to you or a loved one, please use the contact form below to outline how you would like us to work together, I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Many Thanks 

Vicki Churchill 

We might not always want to see ourselves as we are, but when we are brave enough to really look, we see our innate beauty.