…is one or more of these things at any one time:


• photographer • author • musician • seeker •

A fearless explorer of the heart, her passion is living the life she documents…

Vicki spent over 25 years working in the photography industry, from assisting photographers to making photography and teaching photography; she had the good fortune to explore a multi-faceted industry from most of its many facets.

In 2005 she graduated with a distinction from the PG Cert in Professional Photography, at Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design; investigating portraiture.

Today she is a student once more, working to fine tune her writing skills studying a part-time MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes, graduating in 2020.

As an Artist, Vicki is driven by the desire to collect and document life as it unfolds.. As a musician Vicki’s solo work as ‘Japanese Intelligence Mind Control’, was highly experimental, expressive, playful and autobiographical.

Vicki is driven by a desire to make a contribution... to connect the dots… to work towards the greater good… she believes creative expression is a powerful tool with which to connect communities.

Whether in music, words or images Vicki is a fearless explorer of the HEART, her PASSION is LIVING the LIFE she documents…

Random Facts

  • Half Irish / half Essex

  • Related to a Pirate Queen

  • Has slightly webbed toes

  • Has two tattoos

  • Bakes a nice loaf

  • Meditates daily (almost)

  • Counts herself Queer

  • Lived in Intentional Communities

  • Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball

  • Believer in the connectedness of all things

Evidence of Existence

  • Collecting visual notes

  • Creating jigsaw pieces

  • General Curiosity

  • Desire to record

  • Hope to make sense

  • Searching for clues