…is one or more of these things at any one time:


• photographer • author • musician • seeker •

A fearless explorer of the heart, her passion is living the life she documents…

Random Facts
    •    Half Irish / half Essex
    •    Related to a Pirate Queen
    •    Has slightly webbed toes
    •    Has two tattoos
    •    Bakes a nice loaf
    •    Meditates daily (almost)
    •    Believer in the connectedness of all things
    •    Counts herself Queer
    •    Has lived in Intentional Communities since 2012

Evidence of Existence
    •    Searching for clues
    •    Collecting visual notes
    •    Creating jigsaw pieces
    •    Curiosity
    •    Desire to remember
    •    Hope to make some sense of it all